Store Manager

Company Name:
Austintown Video & News, Inc.
Job Details
Austintown Video & News, Inc. of Austintown, OH is seeking a qualified individual to apply as the Store Manager. The Store Manager is responsible for his/her subordinate employees and enforces/carries out polices dictated by the upper-management team, policymakers, and stakeholders of the organization.
Note: This position involves managing an adult-oriented retail store.
Compensation: $31,200 annually ($600 weekly) gross.
To Apply: Print/Complete application at: www.logancircledistributors.com/app.docx and drop off at :
Austintown Video & News, Inc.
5335 76 Drive
Austintown, OH 44515
Mon-Sun between 7am-11pm EST.
- Drop off your resume with your application (optional).
- Once your application/resume has been reviewed, you may be contacted for further information and/or scheduling an in-person interview.
Expected Responsibilities:
- Enforce policies set by upper-management. Example: Austintown Video needs to downsize its selection of novelties to reduce the amount of capital expenditure invested in inventory, and to reduce the amount of inventory on premise to allow a store reset.
- Enforce Employee Handbook. As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your subordinates follow the policies dictated in the employee handbook. It is your responsibility to discipline your staff as needed when infractions occur.
- Store Deposits. Make deposits on a regular, pre-determined basis for your store.
- Employee Scheduling. Ensure that your store is staffed. The details are up to you. Ensure that shifts are covered in the event of employee tardiness, call-offs, scheduled absences, etc
- Accountability of Day-to-Day Operations of Store. Make certain that employees are conducting their day-to-day operations according to company policy. Ex: completing task lists. Ensure that employee and customers issues that arise are handled satisfactorily, and according to company policy. Ex: employees need change, customer wants to return/exchange an item.
o If your employees cannot handle an issue, it is their responsibility to contact you to handle the issue. If you cannot handle it, contact upper-management for support.
- Ordering Merchandise. Per direction of upper-management, you will likely be required to provide order input for your store, and at times, do complete orders. Details will be discussed between you and upper-management.
- Payroll. You will be responsible for calling in the weekly payroll hours to the office management staff. You will also be responsible for picking up the weekly payroll and dispersing it to your employees. When direct deposit takes effect, you will be responsible for ensuring that the hours are promptly called in to the office management staff.
- Store Inventory. Two inventories per year must be completed, and the manager is responsible for these.
Possible Future Responsibilities:
- Receiving Order Inventory. Currently, the office is handling the reconciliation of order merchandise at the warehouse/office. This may become a store managers responsibility in the future.
- Hiring Staff. At this time, upper-management will conduct store hiring. At a later time, you may be authorized to hire personnel with the permission and review of upper-management.
- Must be of legal age to view/handle adult-oriented materials, (adult magazines, dvds, novelties, etc...) which is 18 years of age or older.
- Must meet legal requirements to obtain work in the United States.
- Retail Experience: 2-3 years (desired). Retail management experience is preferable, and those with retail management or other management experience will be considered first.
- Ability to work flexible hours. The business is open from 6AM-12AM each day. While you may have a set schedule, you will also be responsible for the store and your employees 24/7. This may require: covering shifts outside of your normal working hours, reporting to the store to handle employee/customer concerns while the store is open, etc...
- Must work at least 40 hours/week.

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